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Altair - Audio


MA-serie – Multi-Channel amplifiers

  • ROBUST discrete bipolar transistor design.
  • VCA CONTROL. Allowing Remote Volume. Control of each channel individually.
  • FULL PROTECTIONS. Including Output relays, DC and Temperature controlled fans.
  • HPF switchable Subsonic Filter per
  • channel, for ease satellite+SW applications.
  • BRIDGE mode switchable per output pair of channels: 300 W at 8 Ohm each pair.
  • XLR/TRS Balanced Inputs and Channel Linking facilities.
  • BANANA Output connectors. Simple set-up.
  • LIMITER. Allows anticlip secure operation.
  • FRONT panel indicators: Signal, Clip and On/protect per channel.

Audio selectors 8/16 INPUTS

Altair introduces two new Audio Selector series available in 16 or 8 balanced stereo inputs and 2 parallelled stereo balanced outputs. Due to the huge number of I/O 34*, connections are made by the use of PHOENIX (TM) type terminal blocks. These Audio selectors are made under Broadcast specifications, and a removable front panel unit allowing installation outside the main unit for a more convenient use. Volume and Balance controls by rotary encoder and position indicators, allows a precise and repeatable adjustments allowing special operations as individual input TRIM and memory for instant recall after booting the unit

MAP128/1216 – Matrix Audio Processor

Matrix Audio Processors MAP series dedicated to commercial audio installations and professional applications demanding audio automation on small form factor enclosure.


  • 12 Mic/Line/+48V INPUTS 8 or 16 OUTPUTS.
  • Control by USB, Ethernet, REM2 remotes and GPIO.
  • 3cMAP Soft for PC and wireless control on Android devices.
  • Link connection for increased number of in/outs.

Graphic equalisers

The constant Q graphic equalisers EQ-215 (dual, 2/ 3 octave) and EQ-230 (dual, 1/ 3 octave) incorporate new functions like selection of equalisation range and selective faders illumination as well as improved specifications in increased dynamic range and better filter musicality. A rear panel switch (ON-SCAN-OFF) associated with the faders illumination system warrants the adaptability to the different application fields:
disk, live music, bands or monitor systems.

Compressors & Gate

Dual-Stereo Compressor/Gate CN-220
Quad Noise Gate NG-440


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