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ANOC | Lausanne Headquarters


ANOC | Lausanne Headquarters | Lounge & Lobby Media Design

ANOC, Association of National Olympic Committees, created their new headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, where Motiongraphics.ch, an Architectural Sound & Video Designer company was brought in to create a unique and soothing atmosphere for the main guest lounge and reception area.
Aim for the creation was to offer an adequate blend of elegance and technology, with sound and video ambiances altogether peaceful and entertaining, adequately evocating the beauty and values of sport while relating to worldwide and exclusive visitors and guests.
Innovative technologies were used throughout the project, with active semi translucent glasses, clear DMX led wall complementing an ultra wide lcd screen and a ambient sound system playing out specifically created surround sound content.
Under Batiline’s supervision, Motiongraphics.ch partnering with André Liechti Décoration of Montreux selected K-Array systems for the entire facility. With KV50, KU36, KZ10 and KT2 serving the lounge and reception area, while a KV50 & KU36 system was set in the lower floor conference room accommodating parties of 48 or more, served with impeccable sound, image and conferencing features installed by Technicongrès. Lobby installation is operated from a centralized machine room hosting Yamaha MTX5-D and XMV828 amps, MacPros for video and audio playout, with Watchout, Crestron and Schnick Schack equipment fitted by Lumens8, all communicating via Luminex Gigacore Switches unifying audio & command duties over a Dante Ethernet redundant network.

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